Welcome to Stocktextures.com Beta!

Behold! The completely redesigned and rewritten version of Stocktextures.com.
It is still a little messy in places and needs a little polish here and there, but we will fix all that in the next few weeks, add the few missing features and prepare this site for a big launch! So upload your best textures, spread the word and meet us in the forums!

A little introduction to the markers that stick to every Texture:Explaining the markers

Frequently asked questions

What is Stocktextures.com?
It is your free and open archive for high-quality, tilable textures!

What do you mean by "free"?
Free means licensed under a creative commons license.

How does it work?
To download full size textures you must be registered, but the registration is free and easy! Once you're logged in, browse the online archive or do a keyword-search.

Who is behind stocktextures.com?
YOU ARE! This is an open project! The easiest way to participate is to create great textures and share them with the world through our archive.

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The site is close to being done, but there are little things missing all over the place. We've been busy working on several game-projects, but hopefully things will start moving again soon and the site will be ready to launch in the near future.
Your help is as always very much appreciated! Share your best textures and spread the word! If you have any questions or comments, please send them directly to me: markus@[this domain].